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Dental crown or less technically known as the “tooth cap” is a tooth like structure that is used to cover a natural tooth. This can be done in the event of extensive tooth decay, a broken or damaged tooth or to improve the cosmetic appearance of a tooth. A dentist can present you with a number of choices regarding a crown for a single tooth or a bridge, which is a restoration for a missing tooth. However, what’s best for you? Let’s have a look.

Speaking broadly there are two kinds of crowns, crowns with metal and metal-free crowns. Metal crowns are available in different combinations like gold and base metal alloys while metal free crowns are made from porcelain or zirconia. Let’s delve in a little deeper.

  1. Metal crown: Metal crowns are the strongest, most durable crowns. Period. There is no chip off, crack or break and they provide excellent service in the mouth. They also require the least amount of tooth preparation, making it the most biocompatible crown. If your dentist offers you the option of a gold crown and the colour and cost is not a factor, nothing can beat a gold crown.
  2. Porcelain Fused to metal crowns: Porcelain fused to metal crowns or PFM crowns are the middle ground between all metal and all ceramic crowns. While their esthetics is increased in comparison to metal crowns, they aren’t as strong as metal crowns. An added disadvantage is that the metal margin may become visible over time, especially in older people as their gingiva recedes. They aren’t as translucent as metal- free crowns and the colour matching may be a compromise, especially in the front region.
  3. Metal-Free crowns: The biggest advantage of metal free porcelain crowns is their excellent cosmetic blend with the natural tissues. When prepared and placed correctly, they have an exceedingly life like result and is excellent for restoring front teeth, where cosmetic appearance is of major concern. All-ceramic crowns have proven to have excellent durability and functionality while fulfilling the obvious requirement of esthetics. While they are priced marginally higher than base metal or PFM crowns, the little extra investment is sure to go a long way.

Zirconia based crowns are an alternative to porcelain. Fondly referred to as “ceramic-steel”, they have been proven to have better colour matching and strength than porcelain restorations. They can be used to flawlessly mimic the appearance of a natural tooth and do not cause any soft tissue interaction. Zirconia can be placed in areas of high stresses such as the posterior (back) teeth. When a stress occurs on a zirconia surface, cracking energy creates a transition in the crystals which seals the crack. Its resistance to traction and high compression strength makes it the most ideal material of restoration today, fulfilling all criterias of esthetics, function and durability.

With the Cerec Sirona machine, we make single day metal-free restorations possible now, minus the hassle of messy impressions and cumbersome trays. You can now walk out of our clinic with a restoration within a day!

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