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Secure Parking Space: Enjoy a hassle free parking experience

As the city grows in leaps and bounds infrastructurally, finding a secure car parking space is almost an exclusivity. At Saritha, you won’t have to drive around the block looking for a spot for your car. You can park right in front of our building at the parking spot reserved exclusively for our patients.

Lounge Area: Relax while we get ready for you.

At the comfortable lounge area, relax while our doctors prepare to meet you. You could log into our wifi network and work till your turn arrives. The waiting area is equipped with LCD display units that run educational pieces on various dental procedures. Find a variety of reading material to how to maintain good oral hygiene at home, how to recognize the first sign of cavities and much more. If your upcoming procedure is exactly what you don’t want to think about, flip through a range of recreational magazines about fashion, food and so much more! Your young ones can abide their time in the toddler zone which is full of fun goodies for children.

Exclusive Consultation Room: We are listening.

In an exclusive consultation room, you can have a one on one discussion with your doctor, describing your symptoms, fear and concerns. This enables us to tailor the treatment procedure according to your wallet and your palette! This also doubles as a patient education room where we voice our concerns about certain depreciative habits or symptoms of yours and on ways how to reverse them, enabling you to lead a healthy, disease free life.

Friendly Support staff:How may we help you?

Our support staff consists of a team of trained individuals who are highly courteous, caring and friendly. Our aim is to create a wholesome experience that stems from quality dental care.

Flexible Appointments:Book an appointment at your convenience

We are just one call away in case you need to reschedule your appointment. We open early morning, so that you don’t have to take a leave of absence from work. We will wrap up your dental procedure before you begin your day, leaving you free of a nagging toothache. In case a Sunday is all you can do, you can book a chair on prior notice.

Wheelchair Accessibility:Ramps and elevators for the differently abled.

One of the key features of Saritha Dental clinic is that it is wheelchair friendly , making it great for patients with disability to seek dental treatment. Elevator access and spacious interiors makes unhindered movement possible for our patients in wheelchairs.