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Dental Examination at Saritha Dental Clinic consists of a series of steps that is aimed at methodically eradicating your cause of complaint and also to elicit any hidden concerns. The Consultation Room at our clinic is a safe space where we listen to your problems, phase out your fears and concerns and come to terms with your expectations. This enables us to formulate an effective solution to your problem, tailored exclusively to your needs.

Phase 1: Diagnosis:
A detailed dental and medical history is recorded, followed by a thorough clinical examination. If necessary, high resolution X-rays are taken to detect the presence of deeper defects or disease. The preliminary examination also consists of a diagnostic work up which will help our patients evaluate the final esthetic result.

Phase 2: Disease Control:
The second phase is aimed at containing the disease and prevent it from spreading any further. This is done by oral prophylaxis and other periodontal therapy, endodontic therapy and removal of existing carious lesions and restorations.

Phase 3: Restorative:
In the Third phase, efforts are made to restore the natural form and function of the teeth. This would include implant placement, orthognathic techniques, long term provisional restorations and permanent restorations.

Phase 4: Maintenance:
Once oral health has been established, maintenance is carried out the recalling the patient every 6 months or as per his needs. Flouride supplements are encouraged to improve caries resistance. Reinforcement of good oral habits and diet counselling is also carried out by our specialists to prevent recurrence.