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Frequently, the infection in our teeth surpass the barriers of enamel and dentine and enter the pulp which is situated much deeper. Once in the pulp, complete removal of the offending bacteria becomes impossible with only cavity preparation. In root canal treatment, the canals of the root are cleaned, cleared and shaped to rid them of the bacteria. Once the infection subsides and there is no evidence of pain, the canal is packed to reinforce the tooth. Final capping or placement of the crown ensures that the tooth is strengthened and normal function is restored.

In the recent past, Root canal treatments have given us the valuable option of saving a tooth. What earlier had to be extracted, can be saved today and retained for a lifetime. A well done root canal treatment when capped looks and feels exactly like natural teeth. When not accompanied by a deep seated infection like an abscess or a draining fistula, a root canal treatment can also be carried out in one sitting, making it one of the most time effective treatments!