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Yes, you read that right!

What if visiting your dentist would be a matter of just a few hours instead of a few weeks or even months? Sounds impossible? Sounds improbable?
What if we tell you that this is exactly what we do at Saritha Dental Clinic.

Along with CEREC, the world leader in dental innovation, we are now equipped to provide you with a quick, safe and one-stop solution for all your dental issues. The CEREC Zirconia Workflow is now an integral part of Saritha Dental Clinic. The high strength and excellent esthetics of CEREC zirconia makes it the first choice for leading dentists around the world.

How does it work?

  1. Scanning:
    You can now say goodbye to messy impression procedures, more commonly referred to as “measurement procedures” which, no pun intended, leaves one with a bad taste in the mouth. With non-contact digital intra-oral scanning, we will have a complete 3-D scan of your complete mouth within minutes, enabling us to create restorations that fit like a dream! This small 3-D powder free camera records images in real colors, ensuring that we miss out on nothing.
  2. Designing:
    After completing the scan, the CEREC software generates a number of design proposals to choose from. This eliminates lengthy laboratory procedures and COMPLETELY eliminates any chances of human error.
  3. Grinding/Milling:
    The CEREC grinding and milling unit is intimately synchronized to the design unit and replicates the exact design that you have chosen. This precise cutting from solid zirconia blocks ensures that the exact anatomy of a natural tooth is produced. Even your mother wouldn’t be able to spot the difference!
  4. Sintering/Glazing:
    This small and fast sintering furnace can sinter a crown typically in 10-15 minutes. Superior induction technology enables safe cutting which can be paused at any moment to ensure the precision of the procedure.

Once we obtain the restoration, we can do a trial to check the fit in your mouth. Once both you and I are satisfied with the precision, fit and esthetics, we will apply the CEREC Speedglaze for a high gloss finish to the restoration.


Our single day dentistry procedures extend to much more than restorations. From single visit implantology to faster orthodontic treatment, we offer a range of treatments that can be completed within the same day that you step into the dental clinic.


Single visit implant treatment isn’t just a myth. Replacing a missing tooth can be a matter of a few hours now. With the CEREC Sirona, we can replace your missing tooth with a temporary restoration that looks as good as the permanent one, as you wait for it. Implant is a permanent solution to a missing tooth and can last you a lifetime, just like a natural healthy tooth. Unlike a bridge, the adjacent teeth aren’t affected, leading to their better prognosis. With the option for single day implants, we can immediately replace a tooth after its extraction, to prevent you from social awkwardness.


3D printed clear aligners has practically revolutionized orthodontics. Now getting your teeth straightened isn’t gonna take forever. Using 3D printed models, we create accurate plastic aligners, eliminating the need for multiple impressions and trays. This procedure isn’t just comfortable to our patients but also makes the whole process of orthodontic treatment much faster.

Dental treatment with us doesn’t have to be a long drawn process that goes on indefinitely with doubtful outcomes. We can assure you of treatment that fulfills your esthetic, social and physical needs, all within a day’s time.