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Have you ever imagined yourself without teeth? Probably not, it isn’t a very pleasant thought.

Have you ever used the expression “to knock one’s teeth out?” Probably yes. Loss of teeth can be a very damaging threat.

If one thinks about it, our teeth and their accompanying oral structures be termed as one of the most under- appreciated structures in our body. An average person is content to procrastinate dental treatment till the pain becomes unbearable and it is almost an emergent situation. But why does it have to come to that at all?

A healthy set of teeth, or “dentition” as we like to call in fancier terms, can be the harbinger of not just great physical health, but of mental wellness too. Here’s how:


Do you know how the legend of witches originated? When women with slightly longer chins and noses than normal lost their teeth, the area between the nose and the chin shrunk, making the chin and nose seem extra prominent. This unsightly appearance came to be associated with evil and cunning, thus giving rise to the trademark look of witches. So, while the science behind this phenomenon was relatively simple, the point to be noted is that bad esthetics became a thing of horror stories.

Teeth make for one of the most important part of one’s personality. Good esthetics isn’t just a sign of great genes, but also an indicator that you like to put your best foot forward always. Teeth give your face a certain identity, giving your cheeks and lips definition and volume. This creates youthful look along with characterizing your face. For example, can denote if you are the softer, shy kinds, or a more aggressive go-getter.

It has been conclusively proven in many studies that both children and adults with well positioned and cleaner teeth perform much better in their lives than do people with mal-positioned, missing or dirtier teeth. This can be attributed to the instant boost in confidence that one gains, when you know you look good. Also who can say no to an absolutely dazzling smile!


Phonetics or speech is one of the most crucial functions of our teeth. Having teeth in the right position can affect our speech and diction. Try it yourself, it would almost be impossible to correctly enunciate certain letters like “f” “v” “l” without getting your teeth invoved. Quite often, correction of a liSp entails dental treatment. Orthodontic treatment done early done can reduce or completely eradicate speech defects in children, giving them clear and crisp pronounciation. Here’s to creating the next generation of orators!

Bone Health:

Your teeth are in intimate connection and in constant function with the underlying. An intricate system of specialized fibres run along the length of the root of the teeth, which constantly stimulate the bone to basically be alive every time we chew, bite, grind and swallow. Consider a mechanical system, say like a bike. If not used and maintained, the various parts which tie up the machinery are going to rust, ultimately rendering the bike useless. The similar phenomenon, occurs when we lose our teeth. The bones of the jaws fall prey to disuse atrophy, making them weak and unfit for good restoration. The tongue, lips and cheeks begin to apply undue pressure, now that the teeth aren’t present to act like a stop. Therefore dental treatment sought at the earliest can reverse this or at the best put a stop to this phenomenon.

Overall Health:

Your mouth is a reflection of what you eat and how your body functions. It can be safely said that it is a reflection of your overall health. Quite often your dentist can be the first person to notify you of a possibly larger underlying condition like diabetes, congenital or acquired syndromes, malignancy and much more. A regular dental check up can keep a bevy of disease at bay.