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Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal Surgery

Our teeth are anchored to the bone inside our gums with the help of certain fibres called periodontal fibres. When these fibres are compromised a number of problems can take place like loosening of teeth, drifting of teeth, abscess, gum recession and more. Periodontal surgery is aimed at restoring the health of the periodontium back to normal form, function and esthetics.

The primary aim of periodontal surgery is the removal of deep seated bacteria from the gums that cannot be accessed by traditional cleaning tools like toothbrush and floss. The goal is to prevent any further damage by the bacteria, so that the bone around the tooth can recover and reshape and serve their primary function of supporting the teeth. Additionally, periodontal surgery also aims at preventing future gum damage. A few symptoms of possible periodontal surgery are:

Painful, bleeding gums
Appearance of elongated teeth over a period
Loose teeth
Pain while chewing
Bad breath
Gum pockets around teeth

A periodontal surgery is typically conducted by a periodontist. It may consist of procedures like flap surgery, bone grafting, guided tissue regeneration, soft tissue grafts and more. Most of these procedures are conducted under local anaesthesia and are out patient procedures. Your dentist may recommend certain antibiotic coverage before and after the procedure as an adjunct.

It is important to note that certain systemic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, HIV-AIDS and more have a direct impact on oral heath, which in turn has a massive impact on quality of life. Most the problems in such systemic diseases reflect in the gum and bone around the teeth. Therefore, it is crucial to understand the benefits of periodontal surgery for the long term health of your oral cavity.

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