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Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Wisdom teeth, or the third molars, are the backmost teeth in your mouth, which typically erupt between the ages of 17 to 21 years. As they are the last set of teeth to erupt, often the jaws lack room to accommodate them, which usually results in them erupting in peculiar angles or getting stuck (impaction). Although some impacted teeth do function harmlessly, most of them can cause major inconveniences. They can lead to a variety of problems such as food debris/plaque build-up, decay or gum and soft tissue infections, warranting their surgical removal.

Humans have evolved to have smaller jaws, leaving almost no space for the third molar to erupt. Frequently it fails to erupt. However, in a few cases it manages to erupt and becomes quite the centre of attention. An impacted third molar can become a foci of infection causing food lodgement, caries, intense pain and limited, painful mouth opening. While thorough cleaning, curettage or even antibiotics can cause temporary relief, the permanent solution is to get rid of the offending agent, i.e., the third molar. The third molar is vestigial in us human, meaning, it serves no function.

Certain inevitable situations that require the surgical removal of wisdom teeth are:

Severe Decay or Caries
Infection around the soft tissues of the tooth (Pericoronitis)
Gum Disease
Cysts and benign growths around the tooth

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