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Oral Healthcare And Tips During Pregnancy

Oral Healthcare And Tips During Pregnancy Congratulations, mama-to-be! As you embark on this incredible journey of pregnancy, it’s not just your baby bump that needs some extra TLC. Your pearly whites are along for the ride too! Let’s chat about oral healthcare during pregnancy – because a radiant smile is a beautiful accessory to that pregnancy glow. 1. The […]
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Oral health care and the COVID-19 crisiso

Oral health care and the COVID-19 crisis The coronavirus pandemic has certainly caused a major upheaval in our daily lives. While most of us are readjusting our routines to tackle this crisis, certain aspects of our lives like oral health care may have taken a back seat. Although staying safe may be your primary concern […]
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Does your wisdom tooth need to be removed

Does your wisdom tooth need to be removed? Have the ‘wisdom’ to get them checked Wisdom teeth are notorious for being troublesome and largely account for unbearable dental pain. Although termed ‘wisdom’ (to indicate a person obtaining maturity when they erupt), they may not be so intelligent after all. Most often, they erupt in peculiar […]
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