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Root Canal

Endodontic - Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

In the recent past, Root Canal Treatments have given us the valuable option of saving a tooth. Frequently, the infection in our teeth surpass the barriers of enamel and dentine and enter the pulp which is situated much deeper. Before Root canal treatments were devised, the affected tooth would be commonly extracted leading to a host of problem related to missing teeth. Today, however, we understand the need to preserve natural structure as much as and for as long as possible.

In a typical root canal treatment, an opening is created through the surface of the tooth which provides access to the infected pulp of the tooth. Following this, the canals of the root are cleaned, cleared, and shaped to rid them of the bacteria. Once the infection subsides and there is no evidence of pain, the canal is packed with a biocompatible material to reinforce the tooth. Final capping or placement of the crown ensures that the tooth is strengthened, and normal function is restored. The tooth can now function, as it did before. It should be noted here that oral hygiene practices of brushing and flossing must be carried out as usual to ensure the longevity of treatment.

In some cases, re-infection of a previously root canal treated tooth maybe observed. Your dentist may recommend a re-RCT or a re-Root canal treatment. The process essentially remains the same as before, with the additional procedure of removal and replacement of the biocompatible material in the canals.

Intentional Root Canal Treatment is another treatment modality done when there is a mispositioned tooth, hampering proper function and occlusion of itself, opposing, adjacent or remaining teeth. It is commonly done in cases of collapsed bite where there isn’t enough tooth structure or space for a crown. Certain trauma cases, particularly to the front teeth also require intentional root canal treatment to prevent infection and loss of tooth.

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