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Straight 6

Full Mouth rehabilitation with Straight 6 Implants

The prospect of replacing missing teeth with traditional removable dentures may seem a little off-putting to a lot of individuals. If you are skeptical to opt for traditional dentures or if you’re unhappy with your current dentures, here’s a solution for you – full mouth implants. This treatment involves rehabilitation of the upper or lower jaw with six dental implants.


Replacing multiple missing teeth can be a daunting task for both the patient and the clinician. However, with the advent of treatment concepts like full mouth rehabilitation with dental implants, the procedure has become more predictable. With dental implants simplifying the process of teeth replacement, it is possible to reconstruct your entire set of teeth with as little as six implants in a jaw. The process involves placement of six dental implants in maxilla or mandible and then fabricating an implant-supported prosthesis by taking supported from these implants.

Why Opt for straight 6 full mouth Implants?

Multiple missing teeth can be replaced with two type of prostheses – removable dentures or fixed prosthesis. While removable dentures get the job done, they also come with an array of negative effects. For instance, the bite force is drastically reduced from 200 psi to 50 psi which in turn decreases the chewing efficiency. A reduced chewing efficiency also affects the food selection and food intake, thus influencing the overall health of the individual. Removable dentures are also associated with speech difficulties and psychological issues

The other treatment option is to replace your missing teeth with a fixed prosthesis. This is done with the help of dental implants, which are strongly anchored on to your jaws. The resultant prosthesis, known as implant supported prosthesis, derives support from the anchored dental implants. The implant supported prosthesis offers several advantages over the traditional dentures – from improvement in mastication to an overall improvement in health, making them the more superior treatment regimen.

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